Laura Mason

- Psychotherapist, Theta Healing instructor & Access consciousness CF -

Laura Mason is a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor. She’s also a qualified psychotherapist. She teaches and practices both locally and worldwide, working with students and clients in-person and virtually.
Laura’s psychotherapy and integrative counseling training includes child psychology, sociology, trauma, addiction, couples therapy, and family dynamics. Laura has a successful international practice. She loves conducting workshops, teaching ThetaHealing, and working with clients. She loves to travel, experience new cultures, meet new people, take risks, and embark on new adventures.
She lives together with her life partner in a loving, supportive relationship. She also enjoys spending time with her cherished friends. She lives in the magic of co-creating her reality and life every day, and relishes in the joy, excitement, and enchantment it brings..

- Classes in Australia & Romania -

Helping you on the journey to wholeness, while you learn the skills to co-create the empowered, magical life you desire.

Early Healing Challenges

Laura’s life hasn’t always been this way. She had many mountains to climb, and trauma to heal, to be where she is now. Laura had a very difficult upbringing with complex family dynamics. In order to cope with her environment, she would often disconnect from her feelings to avoid feeling difficult emotions. Being a natural empath, she would often find herself taking on the feelings and thoughts of others. This left her in a constant state of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness. She barely slept most nights, and suffered from digestive problems and exhaustion. She also found it difficult to fit in at school, after her family moved from London to Ireland when she was a teenager. Feeling as if her life was a movie, Laura went through the motions every day, just trying to make it to the next day.

Healing Need Not Be Difficult

It’s a common belief that healing is painful. People who have worked with Laura find that becoming unstuck from the cycles of trauma and self-sabotage can be easy and joyful instead. Everyone wants a fulfilling career, a loving soulmate relationship, a stress-free lifestyle, financial abundance, good health, authenticity, and spiritual connection. Laura helps students and clients replace subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that have prevented them from achieving these goals

Laura's qualifications

  • BA in Integrative Counselling
  • BA in Business Studies
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Certificate in Addiction Studies, The National University of Ireland
  • Certificate in Child Psychology
  • Certificate in Couples Therapy
  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
  • Access body process facilitator
  • Access bars facilitator
  • Certificate of Science in Theta Healing

A Serendipitous Healing Breakthrough

The turning point came in 2008 when Laura discovered ThetaHealing. In her first ThetaHealing session, she received a “download” with the feeling of joy. This was the first time in her life she experienced joy. Laura cleared very basic beliefs and limitations, using ThetaHealing and downloaded feelings. Her psychic abilities opened much more, and she realised she had healing capabilities. She went on to further trainings in ThetaHealing. Being committed to the work, she moved through her healing process quickly and easily. Being fascinated by human behaviour, Laura was inspired to study psychotherapy so she could have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the subconscious mind. This helped her help others heal through a more holistic approach. Joy, happiness, excitement, and hope now guided her. She became empowered in her life and has gone on to empower others. She now works with an array of clients; from those who want to achieve wholeness and healing, to those who want to become even more empowered through limitless possibilities.


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