Accelerate your psychic abilities
Wake up the capacities and abilities you never knew you had
Master your ability to heal yourself and your clients
Learn to intuitively communicate with the body
Master the art of digging
Expand your earning potential as a healer massively

You are lovingly invited to attend


15 day live workshop


Master the Theta Healing technique on this 15 day life changing course. Over the duration of this course you will go on a magical journey of discovery. You will develop and enhance your intuitive abilities so you can accurately intuitively read the human body. You will intuitively meet each of the systems of the human body. You will open up your intuitive abilities to be able to see and hear the organs. You will clear lifetimes of limiting, beliefs, feelings, and traumas for you and your ancestors which will allow you to be a clear channel for you and your clients using the energy of Divine source energy. This course will allow you to take your healing practice to the next level.

Accelerate your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities

Participants will also take part in exercises that will help them to sharpen and deepen their psychic abilities, this includes exercises to help to be able to dicern between angel and guides and future readings. They will also learn how to balance serotonin and noradrenaline levels, release heavy metals and radiation from the body and learn protocols for clearing trauma, phobias and healing various other conditions and diseases through Divine source energy..

Intuitively meet the body systems

You will participate in daily practice sessions daily. You will intuitively scan the body and its systems; meeting and intuitively communicating with the organs; releasing limiting beliefs and traumas sitting in them; then you will use your psychic abilities to witness as Divine source energy heals diseases and disorders in the body.

Personal growth

Participating in this course will allow you the opportunity to develop personally and heal. You will work daily with other participants; scanning the body and doing belief work. This will allow you the opportunity to give and receive healing. You will clear limiting beliefs, feelings, emotions and energies that are your own and those that were handed down to you. Clearing this old baggage will allow you to be a clear channel and tap into the innate abilities that have been buried. You will learn about the systems in the body and their functions and will watch movies to deepen your understanding of the human body and how it works.


The pre-requisites are Basic Dna and Advanced Dna and Dig Deeper
Please bring a pen and paper, and wear something comfortable.


Anatomical Chart Book
Vianna Stibal’s Intuitive Anatomy Manual


You will be certified as a Theta Healing:registered: Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

What you will discover and learn on this course


  • About the magical nature of the human body
  • Accurately perform intuitive body scans
  • Massively enhance your medical intuitive abilities
  • Gain an understanding of the anatomy and the belief systems that hold disease and disorders in place
  • The relationship between disease & disorders & how to heal them
  • The belief systems & energy patterns associated with each system in the body
  • The influence negative emotions have on the body and mind
  • The specific subconscious beliefs that come with diseases
  • Clear yourself from years of unhealthy patterns, beliefs, & behaviors.
  • Release old issues that have been carrying with you, freeing you to heal others, and yourself, more easily
  • Deepen your connection to source energy
  • To become a clear channel for the Divine source
  • Expand your consciousness with daily healing downloads and clearings
  • Increase your capacity to receive abundance
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Open up to more love and joy in your life
  • Master the art of digging
  • Experience more wellness in your life


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The Early Bird Rate is £1525. This early bird offer ends March 20th.

July 4th - 20th 2020 


*The balance will be due two weeks before the course begins.

"The course was LIFE CHANGING, Laura is such a connected and intuitive healer, she is amazing!"

Ruth Meyer

"Laura my heartfelt thanks for holding such a clear & unwavering unconditional space for us as we dived into our Intuitive Anatomy training & healing journey! For encouraging self-empowerment through self-reliance is teaching us how to fish in our own emotional waters. That's a true gift. "

Elissia O Connor
Cork, Ireland

"Thank you for such a clear teaching on the Intuitive Anatomy course, coupled with demonstrations of laser-clear digging, with compassion. I appreciate your integrity, non-judgement and equal treatment of all. With grateful thanks. "

Orlaith R
Dublin, Ireland

"I know Laura as an amazing, highly gifted and intuitive Healer and Teacher. I met Laura when I was a student on her First Basic ThetaHealing Class in Dublin. Since then I attended 8 of her courses including Intuitive Anatomy and after I left Ireland I frequently attend her webinars. I learned so much. Laura’s work is empowering and transformative. She approaches everyone with love, compassion and caring. Thanks to Laura and Laura’s teaching my life has changed completely. I’m so grateful to have met Laura and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to heal and learn about Theta Healing."

Ruth Meyer
New Zealand

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