Did you know a common reason that people unconsciously block money and ease from coming into their life is that they feel they cannot say no to people so they, usually unconsciously block money from coming in and do not manifest the success that they would like as a way to set a boundary?  There are many reasons behind this, including:

  • They are afraid of how they will be perceived if they say no. They often fear being judged as mean or selfish so to avoid this they would rather have no money or little money. This allows them to stay within their comfort zone.
  • They grew up in a home where they learnt it was part of their role to give all of the time so giving has become part of who they are. They learnt that there are payoffs to giving. Perhaps this is how they are acknowledged, seen and rewarded to it feels very threatening to them to say no. They may fear they will lose everything but this does not have to be the case.
  • They have a deep-rooted fear of conflict and fear of saying no may lead to conflict.
  • They are unsure themselves
  • They experienced abuse in their home growing up so saying no was not an option. They may have previously tried to say no and were punished or shamed so they learnt it is dangerous to say no.
  • They grew up in a home where there were no boundaries so they don't even know how to say no.
  • Fear saying no will lead to abandonment or isolation.

Saying no, receiving more access consciousness online energy clearing webinar

On this energy clearing webinar, you will:

Clear hundreds of limiting beliefs, feelings and patterns from feeling comfortable saying no which will expand your capacity to receive more money, easy and wealth.

You will receive a recording and a clearing loop.

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