1 day Certification Class

Would you like to:

  • Open up to more money.
  • Experience no pain in your body.
  • Open up to more Joy.
  • Have more ease in your life.
  • Open up to love.

If you answered yes to any of the following. Join Laura for access bars.

Taking access bars will:

  • Teach you how to give a nurturing, relaxing body treatment.
  • Allow you to release 1000's of limiting beliefs, feelings and thoughts easily within an hour.
  • Teach you magical tools to allow you to instantly change limiting beliefs, feelings and emotions from the body.
  • Teach you tools that will allow you to create more ease, joy, and abundance in your life.

On the day you will:

  • Learn how to give the treatment twice.
  • Receiving the treatment twice.
  • Receive facilitation from Laura using the magical clearing statement to help you release years of emotional baggage, pain, and limitation.

Upon completing this class you will be certified to practice access bars.


Two people need to attend together to participate ONLINE. This is essential for you to practice on each other. Under 15's can attend free with one paying adult.


There are 32 points on the head that are associated with different areas of your life. During a session a practitioner lightly touches these points in different sequences. When these points are touched it releases limiting beliefs, patterns and energies associated with these areas. This allows you to access more consciousness and space which opens up to the possibilities of you creating the life you desire.

Each country has its own unique pricing - find out your country pricing here!


Dates to be confirmed.



May 1st



Dates to be confirmed



"I took the Access Bars ® training with Laura in Dublin which was AMAZING!! The class was so much fun & Laura brought so much energy to the class. She made the class feel so easy! It was the most fun I've had taking a course! She is an amazing teacher!

I felt so much clarity & peace in my mind afterwards. I felt incredibly light after it. It literally felt like I let go of tonnes of heaviness from my mind! What I liked the most about it was how incredibly relaxing the experience is.

We also learned a lot about Access Consciousness ® too & I cleared a lot of limitations from all the clearings Laura done for the group. I felt a much greater sense of peace & calm after the course. I also gained a lot more focus & confidence.
I HIGHLY recommend taking the Bars ® with Laura! Thank you."

Derek O'Shea, Dublin


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