Breaking free from the spell of the narcissist

Navigating the waters of relationships is challenging, even for those "picture perfect" couples that never seem to fight. But things are not often what they appear at face value, especially in toxic relationships where we find ourselves questioning what’s real. 

If a lack of empathy, need for excessive attention and a sense of entitlement sound like a ‘normal part’ of your relationships, you could be dating a narcissist. And in these extraordinary times where we are spending more hours in the home, the daily effects of abuse can impact every area of our lives. I’ve created this blog to recognize the signs of abusive partnerships and pave a path to wholeness through healing. 


There are two critical elements in the cycle of narcissistic abuse that prey on our weaknesses, sustaining us in a manipulative pattern that keeps us under their spell. The first is the...

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Co-creating your reality with your inner child

The inner-child is an aspect of yourself that is a conscious part that lives within your subconscious mind. It is the child that you once were. It is a live energetic and emotional aspect of you. This aspect is often stuck emotionally at a different age than your adult self and it often lacks the coping skills and the emotional abilities that your adult self-has developed. It is a little being in its own right with its own wants, needs, and desires.

Many of us have unconsciously disconnected from our inner-child because we have experienced overwhelming pain in our early years. This could be pain from experiencing neglect, abuse, violence, growing up with a parent or a family member who had an illness, poverty or not being listened to and cared for in the way that we needed. This disconnection is nature’s way of trying to protect us from the overwhelming feelings that we once felt. This allows us to go on with everyday life with more ease.

As an adult, you may have forgotten...

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