Empowering Healthy Boundaries

I've been working as a healer for over twelve years now, supporting thousands of clients across the globe. Clients from different countries, cultures and religions. Clients who approach me with a variety of traumas, addictions, patterns, beliefs, blocks, limits and challenges.

All of these clients are unique. They all have their own stories and histories, their own family upbringings and their own individual way of expression. They are all incredible and I feel very honoured to support them. But imagine if I felt all their feelings, thoughts and took on every challenge of every single individual. Imagine if I didn’t know how to separate myself from them. If I didn’t know how to say yes or no, or how to switch off when work finished, and I was eating dinner with my partner or taking time out for myself. It would be utter chaos, for everyone involved. It took me years before I realized that putting an end to that chaos meant implementing healthy energetic boundaries. 

The journey of understanding what boundaries are and how to apply them has been a long one for me. There is a direct link between our early childhood experiences and absorbing other people’s energy. We primarily learn about boundaries in the context of our family dynamic. In our family, we have the first foundational experiences of how to relate to other people and ourselves. When we grow up in an environment where we are not allowed to be who we are, make our own choices and have autonomy, we form belief systems such as, ‘I am one with my family. I have to think the same as them to belong here.’ As a result, we can’t tell the difference between our own thoughts, feelings and emotions, and other peoples. As we get older, unless we address this, it will continue to play out in our adult lives.

Boundaries are guidelines or limits that a person creates for themselves in regard to what are safe and reasonable ways for other people to behave around them. Boundaries can be used in interaction with all people in our lives, from our intimate partners, friends, family, children, co-workers and strangers and allow us to present a limit and how we will respond if someone steps outside those limits. They help you to decide what behaviour, communication and interaction are acceptable to us based on our own measures of wrong or right. There can be emotional boundaries, thought boundaries, sexual boundaries, physical boundaries, time boundaries and material boundaries. Boundaries are healthy for everyone involved and I have directly seen the more I implement boundaries in the working relationship to my clients, the more clients I attract, the more my clients thrive, the more positive feedback I receive and the more satisfied I feel as a practitioner. 

Boundaries allow us to honour our own needs and protect us from overwhelm, discomfort, being manipulated or violated by others. To help us to understand a boundary we can compare it to a property line. We have all seen no trespassing signs, which clearly tell us if you violate this boundary, there will be a consequence. Personal boundaries, like, the ‘no trespassing sign,’ define where you end and others begin and are determined by the amount of physical and emotional space between you and the other person. Different people will have different levels of tolerance when it comes to boundaries. Factors that will influence a person’s level of tolerance include the family they grow up in, the culture, gender and previous trauma.  

My next course, ‘Empowering Healthy Boundaries,’ is running on the  Nov 27, 28th and 29th. The key to changing our energetic boundaries is through changing our limiting belief systems around them. During this course we will focus on changing these belief systems by distinguishing the beliefs unique to us, and taking part in a guided energetic meditation, allowing us to let go of them for good. Healthy boundaries are elastic and flexible and will shift according to our needs and preferences. If we can determine what our beliefs are, we can change these beliefs directly and start implementing boundaries accordingly. The course offers the opportunity to install energies and belief systems that will strengthen energetic boundaries. I will offer downloads such as:

*I know what it feels like to have strong energetic boundaries 

*My energetic field automatically transforms negativing into light 

*I know the difference between my own energetic space and another person 

*I have a right to say no 

Healthy boundaries lead us into a more empowered relationship both with ourselves and those around us. They lead to increased self-confidence, self trust and healthy communication and work ethics. Join me on this transformational course where I will share with you the unique processes I have developed over twelve years of practice. These techniques work on a quantum level to create lasting change in the mind, body and soul, and allow us to implement boundaries and create healthy relationships in all areas of our lives.

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