Co-creating your reality with your inner child

inner child Aug 14, 2018

The inner-child is an aspect of yourself that is a conscious part that lives within your subconscious mind. It is the child that you once were. It is a live energetic and emotional aspect of you. This aspect is often stuck emotionally at a different age than your adult self and it often lacks the coping skills and the emotional abilities that your adult self-has developed. It is a little being in its own right with its own wants, needs, and desires.

Many of us have unconsciously disconnected from our inner-child because we have experienced overwhelming pain in our early years. This could be pain from experiencing neglect, abuse, violence, growing up with a parent or a family member who had an illness, poverty or not being listened to and cared for in the way that we needed. This disconnection is nature’s way of trying to protect us from the overwhelming feelings that we once felt. This allows us to go on with everyday life with more ease.

As an adult, you may have forgotten how hard and scary it was growing up but your inner-child hasn’t. Your inner child is alive within you and is carrying around the burdens from your childhood and may even be carrying around other people’s burdens.  Your inner child desperately wants your help. It is continually trying to get your attention. He or she may try to get your attention in many ways. It may try to communicate with you through speaking with you, you may hear a little voice call out your name or your inner child may try to communicate with you through body sensations in the body or through emotions.

Many of us are unaware that our inner child is there and is attempting to communicate with us. Many of us experience the inner-child trying to communicate with us through feeling but we are unaware that this is the inner-child trying to reach out. For many of us, we experience a tsunami of emotions that come out of nowhere. We often deal with this through suppressing our feelings or we try to numb our feelings out through overeating, taking drugs or drinking alcohol. We do this to unconsciously escape the painful feelings and it works for a while until the anaesthetic effects die off.

Your inner-child doesn’t go away

Many of us consciously or unconsciously disconnect from our inner child in a hope that he or she will go away but the truth is our inner-child is going nowhere nor is the pain, hurts and limiting beliefs he or she is carrying unless you choose to heal him and her. If the inner-child is left unhealed it can wreak havoc and take over your life. This can manifest in many ways such as your inner child blocking your manifestations, pushing loved ones away, blocking romantic opportunities, manifesting as disease and blocking work opportunities. The inner child doesn’t normally do these things to hurt you or hold you back. 

Often your inner-child has different beliefs, desires, wants and needs to your adult self and they often conflict with what the adult (your conscious self) wants and is manifesting for. Let me give you an example. In my practice, I often see that people desire and are asking the universe to bring them a compatible life partner but the inner child is resisting and blocking this from coming in as it is afraid of being in a relationship because its experience of relationship hasn’t been good. This child had a really challenging time in relationships with its parents. His parents were constantly criticising and judging everything he did. This ate away at his self-esteem and sent him negative messages about himself and he formed the following beliefs:

  1. I can’t do anything right
  2. I am unlovable as I am 
  3. I have to change to be accepted
  4. I am not good enough

This inner child is now carrying these belief systems and the pains and trauma from these experience and resists being in a relationship as it doesn’t want to have to experience more pain and have to change to be in a relationship.

Healing the inner-child using divine light

In order to create your desired life, you must get in touch with and heal your inner-child. If you don't you inner-child can unintentionally block your manifestations 

The inner-child can be healed in many ways. The most effective way to heal the inner-child by connecting into divine source energy, communicating with the inner-child and allowing divine energy to sweep away the pains, burdens and limiting beliefs the inner-child is carrying. 

This allows the inner-child to emotionally grow up and integrate which will allow your manifestations to actualize in no time. The co-creating your reality with your inner-child healing workshop teaches you how to do this. You can find out more about the co-creating your life with your inner-child workshop here >>>> Co-creating your Inner Child


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