Establishing Energetic Boundaries

Boundaries are an invisible line that protects us, especially when we feel that push-pull to say ‘no’. When the word ‘boundaries’ comes to mind, most of us envision physical or emotional protective barriers. But our psyche and spirit are so closely entwined that if we do not protect our energetic field, we are at risk of living a life of thoughts, feelings, emotions and belief systems that are not our own. Poor boundaries can negatively impact all areas of our lives and in difficult times where empaths are especially vulnerable to the energies of others, it’s important to take the time to recognize and exert what we really want out of life. In short, There is nothing more important for the maintenance or preservation of our mind, body and soul.


Before birth, we share both a body and energy field with our mother. But around 18 months to two years, we start the development of our own unique entities. But as most children discover independence for the first time, those of dominant or anxious mothers experience stunted growth. This is the start of a lifelong journey towards fulfilling the needs of others outside of ourselves. 

Do you find yourself stuck in a never ending cycle of clearing emotions and energies of others, drowning under the energies of your mother? This is because our thoughts and feelings are not our own, but an amalgamation of those that raised us. This is a common sentiment for the empath, who finds themselves setting themselves aside to clear the energies of others.

The consequences? This energetic entanglement can lead to us experiencing resentment, self-destructive behaviors, unstable relationships and more as we feel extreme guilt and anxiety when we say the word ‘no.’ However, it is never too late to establish our own path in life. 

Our future will never reflect what we TRULY want without breaking free from their shackles that hold us back - the thoughts, feelings and choices that are not uniquely our own.

I know how frustrating it is to feel restrained in the energies of others, powerless in the quest to overcome them. After living most of my life without energetic boundaries, I cleared the beliefs that keep me locked in the endless cycle of encompassing other people’s emotions. I had to get to the root of beliefs in order to fully stop absorbing other people’s energies. Now, I work with thousands of clients to share the tools and processes that have saved me from feeling stuck.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do in the meantime to start the clearing process. These small tweaks will not be permanent - but they can assist you in your path towards becoming your own unique entity.

Let’s dive in below.


Failing to develop our own unique energy field can have a drastic and long-lasting toll on all areas of our lives. Our energy is precious - it can impact how we think, feel and behave on a daily basis. And in times like these that are challenging and unpredictable, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There is a lot of collective fear, grief and uncertainty that can leave an empath vulnerable or susceptible to absorbing the emotions of others. So, it’s more important than ever to establish those energetic boundaries against factors that increase our vulnerabilities.

Breaking free and establishing our own boundaries can only truly happen when we undo our limiting belief systems, starting at the root of the issue. 

Here are some helpful ways we can start the process in the meantime:


The first step is understanding and establishing our own unique wants, needs and desires. Think about what makes you feel good, where you feel most comfortable and make decisions to honor our unique needs.


As we step into our power, our resources are limitless. But when our boundaries are not properly established, it’s easy to take on the emotions and needs of others. Say ‘no’ to these situations that you feel in your gut are not healthy.


When our boundaries remain intertwined with our mothers, it’s challenging to actually embrace the things we love wholeheartedly. When we start to really dive deeper into what makes us feel fully happy, that is when we welcome the development of our own boundaries more openly.


Simply put: cut the cord with people with whom you feel entangled in their energies.


Setting aside ‘you time’ to relax is the first step in the boundary process. There are many meditations that can encourage you to uncover and embrace your needs outside of others. Focusing on your breath will center and relax you, cleansing the toxicities from the body. Cord-cutting visualisation is especially helpful here.


When we share the same energy with another, the only way we can create lasting change is through undoing limiting energies and beliefs that cause us to be impacted. I have helped countless clients begin to path towards an empowered life, breaking free from patterns that cause us to feel stuck. 

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