Addiction to perfectionism - Escaping the pain


I am lucky enough to travel the world, working with clients all over the globe. Because of this, I’m constantly in unfamiliar environments–having conversations with strangers, booking into different hotels, ordering food in a variety of languages, asking for directions or simply getting to know the locals in each new place I go. I adapt to new climates, new cultures and diet regularly, turning towards the unknown of each place with curiosity. I let the magic of reality unfold, trusting and flowing with each new moment, each new place and each new person I met. 

Past me would never have let herself respond to the world like this. She wouldn’t have travelled to new places, wouldn’t have eaten unfamiliar foods or talked to strangers. What if I say something wrong and appear stupid? What if I get on that plane and things don’t happen how I expect? What if I can’t eat the food that will keep my weight down? What if they discover something...

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