Setting Boundaries for energy preservation

The key to protecting your energy is establishing clear physical, emotional, energetic and financial boundaries. Without them, our needs, wants and desires are often neglected, leaving us feeling drained, empty and exhausted. We are surrounded by negativity and stress at every turn. These factors can hold a heavy burden over us - leaving us feeling insecure in unhealthy relationships where we are often taken advantage of. This is especially true for the highly-sensitive person who can benefit from a shield to protect them. Let’s dive deeper into why boundaries are so important - and how we can start setting them.


When the word ‘boundaries’ comes to mind, the first thing we consider are two parties who have their own unique desires, wants and needs. But the truth is, boundaries are an invisible line that protects us from others, especially when we feel that push-pull to say ‘NO!’ When we set aside our boundaries, low...

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