Many healers, therapists and coaches are affected and drained by the energy of competition. They may be affected in a number of ways including:

  • They tap into collective consciousness energy of competition, scarcity and lack.
  • They fear how their peers may respond to their success so they limit their level of success to try to protect themselves from attack, judgment and jealousy.

People often find themselves competition and attracting/or reacting to other peoples competitive behaviour because:

  • They have deep limiting beliefs systems rooted in childhood that have created a lack mindset. This could stem from having a lack of money and physical and emotional needs not being met we create a blueprint of there never being enough.
  • Intergenerational competition patterns and traumas that have been handed down.

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"Laura is a most compassionate intuitive healer. Very kind and generous with her gifts. It’s like she can see and read into the depths of your soul! I have attended a few of her webinars and cleared so much. Often the change is so gentle yet powerful that I have to remind myself that the issue was ever there! Highly recommend her"

Billie Saade, Isle of man


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