Family expectations can often burden a person and hold them back from being their authentic self. The limitation can keep a person caged in and stop them from moving forward. From the moment we are born there are expectations placed on us and we often get lost in this. This clearing call will release the obligations, feelings, thought, beliefs and burdens preventing you from being your authentic self.

Breaking free from family Clearing webinar

On this group energetic clearing call you will:

  • Heal the pain and trauma you hold from experiencing toxic and painful relationships within your family.
  • Release the burden of your family's, expectations, obligations and secrets.
  • Transform other relationships in your life, because the way you relate to others is rooted in your family circle.

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You will receive the 80-minute recording of this call. You can listen to it over and over again on receiving the healing on a deeper and deeper level.


The early bird for this event is £32 before June 15th. After June 15th the rate will be £37.

June 20th 8pm London time


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"Laura is an amazing healer and teacher.I love being in her presence, I feel lighter after spending time with her like a weight lifted off my shoulders I released tons of limitation in just one session. Already I am feeling more positive about the future. I manifested more money right after the session. I feel calmer and expanded. if your thinking about booking a session do it and it will change your life forever. I also recently started the ending emotional eating course and I released 7LB within 8 days of doing the course without any exercise. My whole mind is thinking differently I can't thank you enough Laura"

April Gregg,



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