Breaking Free From The Narcissist

In this four part webinar we explore how to break free from ongoing trauma and change relationships from within, letting go of distorted perceptions and entering into a deeper understanding of who we can be.

The Real Self

Underneath the wounding of every human the true essence and real self is waiting to be remembered. The empath sees the true essence and potential of the people in their life and will try to fix and love them into changing. But it never works and this only leaves them feeling empty, frustrated and let down further.

  • If you are feeling exhausted and emotionally drained.
  • If you feel controlled by another individual in your life.
  • If you are reactive and responsive to the behaviour of others.
  • If you question your autonomy and decision making.
  • If you need external validation to approve a sense of worth or value within yourself.
  • If you feel powerless or have lost trust in who you are.
  • If you have complex intimate relationships.
  • If you feel like you have tried endless courses, books, practitioners, and yet seem to be repeating the same cyclical patterns of behaviour and attraction. Then this is the programme for you.

Empaths and Narcissists

Narcissist are those with complex personality disorders and as a result often lack empathy, have an inflated sense of importance and create unhealthy and toxic dynamics with others. As empathetic and emotional beings, it’s easy to attract narcissists into our lives. Empaths are moved to take care of narcissists, this role feeds into our caring nature and reinforces early patterns of relating developed when young. We look for familiar reference points to anchor that safety into. Even if those reference points are disruptive, abusive and no longer serve us. While in these relationships, we have trouble perceiving who others really are. A false-self is created and manipulation begins; we might be love-bombed, controlled, criticised – overall who we are is broken down. Narcissists can be anyone– from romantic partners, parents, friends and co-workers.

There Is Always A Chance To Begin Again

    This webinar will provide you with:
  • A restored trust in yourself
  • An increased sense of self-governance and freedom
  • The ability to break negative patterns of relating with the narcissists in your life
  • The ability to change emotional responses to others
  • The confidence to break patterns of behaviour
  • A deeper love of self and ability to decision make in accordance to that
  • Healthy, fulfilling and supportive relationships
  • Letting go of past hurt and trauma so to live a bright and empowered future

"Laura’s courses changed everything in unexpected ways. If you are thinking of working with Laura, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Not only is she warm, kind and approachable but she is so intuitively tuned in that it makes working with her so easy. She has shifted so much for me in my life. Things from childhood, things that have been real blocks for me for a very long time. She has totally and completely changed my life for the better."


Maria Banobre, London


Each webinar lasts between 75-90 minutes and through a series of technique’s developed by Laura, we begin to understand the root of our wounding, letting go of a distorted perception of self and entering into a deeper understanding of who we can be. In this four part series, we use both individual and group, building up an internal value, so we no longer need another person to be relied upon for our emotional wellbeing. Guided by divine energy and a variety of clearing techniques, Laura will help us in breaking down old mechanisms and distorted perceptions, to develop new relationships with both the self and others. Included in the programme is an additional recording from each of the three days, an affirmation of intent, designed to release blocked emotions from the body and separate transmission downloads for you to listen to and use.

Dates: Aug 20th, 25th, Sept 02nd, 10th, August 8pm GMT
This is a four-part series delivered via Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world.






"I just completed a course with Laura. It was mind-opening, transforming, and phenomenal. Don't hesitate to work with Laura. Take action."


TS, Hong Kong

"The amount of knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, kindness, softness, and teachings delivered by Laura are amazingly powerfully profound. Laura not only teaches but also takes her time to also gives each individual healings when needed or required. Everything taught by Laura is easily understood and all the information is downloaded with ease. I always found learning with Laura I can be myself and anything I’m not sure about you can approach Laura with total ease. Laura is an amazing, very powerful, highly intelligent, loving, caring, nurturing and fun, light being, and I so recommend Laura highly. Thank you Laura for everything you have done for me and the profound powerful healing sessions and your teachings (wow). I love you Laura from my heart and I am so looking forward to the next teaching classes."


Anita Chahal, Laura


Laura Mason has been working in the field of psychotherapy and emotional healing for twelve years. While originally studying business- depressed and detached from her body- she began exploring alternate ways to find wellbeing and fulfilment in the world around her. This commenced into a lifelong journey of healing that continues to this day. With a degree in Counselling Psychology, a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and a Theta Healing Certificate of Science, Laura has integrated experiences from her own life, as well as taking inspiration from a wealth of different practises. This has enabled her to study in depth a wide range of techniques and create her own distinct methodology and practice as a result. Laura has been happily married for three years with her long-term partner and travel buddy. She’s inspired by humanity and culture, loves to explore, trying new food and finding adventure wherever she goes. Laura believes there is a divine essence within us all and she’s driven to empower clients to clear barriers and beliefs in order to access it. As a result, Laura has healed herself through extreme adversity and seen thousands of people’s lives dramatically change as a result of her teachings.


Degree in Counselling Psychology
Certification in Addiction Studies
Degree in Business Studies
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Theta Healing Certificate of Science
Access Body Process Facilitator
Access Bars Facilitator
Certificate Child Psychology
Certificate in Couples Therapy
Specialises in the Area of Abuse
Diploma in Business Management


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