Experiencing trauma can limit us and our creations if we allow it. Trauma can show up as:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Childhood abuse
  • Neglect
  • Poverty
  • Energetic abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Abusive relationships

This one day event is dedicated to freeing you from the effects of abuse and restoring you to your authentic self.

Experiencing trauma can:

  • Cause you to shut down and create an energetic armor. It is a common trauma response. The purpose of this is to not allow more attack and abuse in but it actually blocks our ability to receive money, ease and goodness.
  • Prevent us from experiencing kind, loving and nurturing relationships. If we have been hurt in relationships we often won't allow people in to avoid further hurt or we push them away before they can leave us.
  • Damage our self esteem and knock our confidence. When we are treated badly particularly if it is repetitive we often believe the lies that are told to us and often take on an identity of being worthless.
  • Cause erratic behavior that sabotage our efforts for success. We get so far and then we often sabotage our self. This is often old protection mechanisms playing out that once worked for us but don't work anymore.
  • Manifest as sickness in the body. We stuff our emotions often they manifest as illness.
  • Manifest as addictive behaviors which are often an effort to escape reality.
  • Feeling out of control emotionally. Often finding themself angered easily and reacting from this space, and then find themself judging themself and feel guilty about how they reacted. 


"After a lifetime of complex traumas and decades of exploring various healing modalities, I have found Access Consciousness to create the most instantaneous, deep and profound shifts; enabling me to move forward with my life with much more ease. I have shifted from being traumatised and stuck in family survival programs and roles to becoming more of my true self and beginning to live a life that is aligned with that truth. Laura Mason has helped me immensely on my journey with her strong intuition and discernment as well as her empathic understanding of individuals and family trauma that can only come through experience. Truly grateful."

Ally Oliver

Over the course of the day you will:

  • Learn two powerful body processes to assist you in unlocking trauma from your body and restoring joy. You will give a session of each process and receive a session.
  • You will receive plenty of energetic clearings to clear away limiting beliefs, feelings, traumas that are limiting you and your life.
  • Have an opportunity to receive personal facilitation from Laura.
  • You will receive a recording of the clearings.
  • Upon completion you will be certified to offer both of these body processes.

The access consciousness tools can be used to release abuse and the affects of it from your body, mind and all areas of your life.

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The early bird investment is €247 and is available until October 3rd. After October 3rd the rate will be €297. Bring a friend and you can both attend for 447 euros if booked by October 3rd.

October 5th

10an - 5pm




A deposit of £100 will secure your spot. The balance is due a few days before the course commences. The early bird rate is £247. Which is available until October 8th. After October 8th the rate will be £297

October 22nd

St Johns Wood.


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"A moment came in my spiritual path when I knew I needed more, I needed to up my game and I needed a change. I knew there must be more to this ! That’s when during a meditation practice I asked for an angel to be sent my way. I went on to scroll through Facebook and came across Laura’s video about access bars of Facebook. I was instantly energetically PULLED. I booked in and went to her Access Bars training in Dublin. It blew my mind. I knew then she was the Angel that I had asked to be sent to me to show me the way. I followed her over to London to complete an Access Consciousness course (again blew my mind!). What Laura has given me is so much clarity. The ability to take my power back into my own hands. To clear, let go & release old patterns beliefs and limitations. To clear trauma & pain. To fall back in love with myself and my work as a Spiritual Guide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤ "

Sarah Richardson
Dublin - Ireland


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