• Do you think you have nothing too offer?
  • Do you feel others are more talented than you?
  • Do you work really hard but get little or no acknowledge meant.
  • Are you ashamed of your abilities and capacities?
  • Do you fear people will judge you if they find out what you do?

Many people don't recognize or acknowledge there gifts and capacities. This may be for a number of reasons including:

  • Their gifts and talents as we're not accepted, acknowledge and nurtured so they learned to hide them to be accepted. Now they believe they have no talents.
  • There talents and capacities were made fun of or they were abused because of them,, so learned its dangerous to be different and stand out.
  • They grew up in a home where their particular gifts were not valued. Perhaps they were compared to siblings who had different strengths. They then learn to devalue their talents and capacities and compare themselves to others.


Now is the time to claim, acknowledge and own your gifts and capacities.

Join Laura for this Online energy clearing webinar

On this energy clearing webinar, you will:

  • Participate in a group energy clearing.
  • Have 100's of limiting beliefs, feelings, emotions, judgement, vows, oaths and promises preventing you from Embracing and owning your talents, abilities and greatness. 
  • Learn tools to help you create more ease and success in your life.

Date and the time of the webinar:

Each call will last 80 minutes and you will receive recordings of each call if cant attend live.

You will also receive an mp3 clearing loop of the clearings.

This webinar will be facilitated using access consciousness.

August 19th

* Please note all calls will be London time.

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August 19th at 8pm


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