Do you turn to food for comfort or relief when you feel emotional?
Do you find yourself consumed with other peoples emotions and find yourself eating to take the edge off?
Have you tried everything, diet after diet, working out and detoxing but none of it works?
Have you ever considered the reason you are not releasing those stubborn pounds is that you are carrying other peoples emotional weight?
Is your weight eating away at your self-esteem?

Are you ready to change this?

Then this Six-part healing webinar series to put an end to emotional eating with ease is for you.

You will receive Six recordings which you can listen to over and over again to receive deeper and deeper clearings

About This Energy Clearing Webinar:

  •  Learn why people turn to food to escape their painful emotions and discover and clear limiting beliefs systems associated with this.
  •  Learn the reasons why you are processing other peoples pains and feelings through your body and release the patterns and belief systems associated with this.
  • Learn how to become comfortable with your own feelings so you don't have to rely on food to comfort you, have your limiting beliefs around exercise released and receive new healing downloads to help you to enjoy exercise.
  • Release limiting beliefs associated with your body image.
  • Receive healing to increase your level of self-love and boost your self-esteem
  • Learn how we can overeat as a way to block awareness
  • Plus much more


"Laura Mason’s program for overcoming emotional eating is an AMAZING experience. I recommend it to anyone who decides to travel this road. I was trying many things to release weight and this program is supporting one most forgotten aspect of weight release: emotional issues. She helped me address the most important blockages. My soul felt seen and supported and really nurtured for the first time. I am so happy to release in two weeks 5 kg and more in centimeters. I am back to my regular gym routine after these sessions. I am sure now that weight release will continue. Her facilitation is very intuitive, clear, structured and professional. She is kind, gentle. I adore her voice. So warm, calming and reassuring. Thank you Laura"

Biljana Bosiljcic, Serbia





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