> Would you like to break free from the addiction to perfectionism?
> Are you ready to clear the effects of taking drugs from your body?
> Would you like to close the doors to other dimensions that were opened when you took drugs or alcohol? 
> Did you know that the effects of taking drugs, pharmaceutical or recreational can linger on for years in your body?
When taking drugs and alcohol you can perceive everyone's energies and judgments and often you will lock this into your body. Taking these substances also opens up portals to other dimensions which allow entities in. You may have taken these things many years ago but the entities still may be locked into your body and wreak havoc on your life. 
Another addiction people have is the addiction to being perfect which is one of the biggest killers of joy. Perfectionism is often a mask for feelings flawed, damaged and not enough. 
This class is about unlocking these old judgments, energies, and entities from your body.
In this three hour class, you will learn how to give this easy nurturing body process. You will also receive it and there will be some energetic clearings around the area and there will be an opportunity to ask Laura for facilitation.
This process can:
> Unlock entities from your body that entered when you were drunk, took drugs or took pharmaceutical drugs.
> Clear other peoples judgments and energy that got locked into your body when you were drunk or took drugs.
> Clear the addiction to perfectionism.
> Create more space and ease in your body.
> Put an end to peoples energy sticking to your body.
> Clear drug and alcohol cravings.
> Assist in detoxing your body.
> Clear trauma associated with taking drugs.


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