One to One sessions with Laura

Laura tailors her sessions to meet your individual needs, she has a variety therapeutic and healing tools and techniques that she may use in a session. All of the tools and techniques that she uses within a one to one session are all applied to the theta healing technique. In addition to the above, some common processes that will be used include intuitive body readings, muscle testing (derived from applied kinesiology) and releasing limiting belief systems that are preventing you from achieving your desired goals and replacing them with positive empowering beliefs that support you in manifesting your desire and totally transforming your life.

What can you expect in a session?

You will discuss with Laura what you hope to achieve from the session. Laura will then identify limiting patterns, beliefs and energies that are preventing you from achieving your desired result. She will do this through using her intuition and through talking with you. She will then enter into a  meditative Theta state of consciousness to connect directly to Divine source energy to clear away your thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs and energy patterns that are preventing you from achieving your desired results.


I've had two sessions with Laura looking at my relationship with money. After the first session, I noticed a significant shift in my perspective towards money & working, which has led me to be proactive in looking for part time roles whilst I build my business. The second session focused on receiving money and has lead to an even greater shift. I received a sum of money that was borrowed. I lead a paid event which was fully booked with clients, which was very successful & great feedback was received. I am becoming more creative, receiving inspiration & guidance relating to my business, my services & sharing information. I'm feeling so comfortable with being visible, confident in my role to help others & valuing myself & what I have to offer. These sessions really do amaze me. Thanks, Laura!


Tracy Paven, London

Just WOW, I'd been launching a live event, my first, I had competition energy coming in, lower energies and things just weren't going well, I was starting to think of cancelling and just thinking that it wasn't worth it. Just ONE 1:1 session with Laura, I was able to fill the event within a week so that it's nearing full capacity. New ideas and products have just come to me, and I launched some really joyful, exciting and money producing offers to contribute more to the world. Laura just knows and feels what's going on int he energy field and then is able to clear it and totally not only blast out the specific issue, she opens amazing doors of possibility. Thank you!!! I can't wait to see what else is possible?


Shirley Joffe, London

Laura is one of the most qualified and delightful people I met, to work with. Facilitating healing and transformation on such a profound and deep level, so that I could overcome trauma and other limitations, that seems never to end. It did end. With thanks to her work. Thank you. Her personality is a delight, as much as her very generous character feels inviting and very safe to work with her. Just to be around her already provides you with a deep sense of peace and joy. Her humble and authentic nature brings out her brilliance and genius when she is working to shift energy, create consciousness and release psychological blocks. Her healings are deep, fast, to the point. Laura is in every aspect a top professional in her field and has profound experience, skills and understanding of human psychology, energy healing and consciousness. With intelligence, compassion and authentic personality she supports, teaches and raises awareness of possibility instead of limitation. A truly empowering person to lighten people up and help you to be in your authentic power yourself.


Indra Silar, Netherlands

I did several webinars with Laura and the shifts I experienced afterwards are absolutely incredible. Things I had been dreaming of for a long time came to me with ease. I can’t wait to attend a seminar in person. Thank you so much!


Martina Locher, Switzerland

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Session Options

Theta Healing Individual Sessions
* Please note 30minutes sessions are available on Skype or phone Only


On phone or Skype. 



Not available at this time



On phone or Skype.


Healing package

A package of sessions can be used to hear all areas of your life including achieving your desired weight, increasing self-esteem and levels of confidence, manifesting your the love of your life, increasing your financial abundance.

  • 5 sessions for  £1097
  • 1 hour per session. 
  • Skype only


Theta Healing is an incredible healing modality that can make radical rapid changes often in short periods of time. It is however impossible to estimate how many sessions will be needed prior to sessions beginning. The amount of sessions that you will need depends on different factors such as what you would like to achieve from the sessions, are you hoping to heal one thing or are you hoping to heal your life?


To prepare for your session please think about what you would like to achieve from the session and make sure you are fully hydrated so that you are able to effectively muscle test. If you are not familiar with muscle testing and would like to know more, please click here

Appointments in person in London or Dublin or via Skype to wherever you are in the world.

Laura conducts one on one sessions online via Skype or zoom or phone to wherever you are in the world at this time. Sessions conducted over Skype are just as effective as those conducted in person. She also conducts a limited amount in-person sessions in Dublin.


A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise, you will be required to pay the session in.


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