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People often look at their spiritual them as guides but the truth is you are the most powerful being in your reality and your spiritual team and there to assist you. By looking at your team as guides it implies you need to be guided but you don't, you are the director of your reality so it is important to get them working for you. This is what this webinar is all about.

A powerful 80 minute energy clearing recording

Purchase this call to:

  • Learn about your spiritual teammate a.k.a spiritual helper.
  • Learn how to get your spiritual teammates working for you to help you create more in your life.
  • Clear 100's of limiting beliefs and limitations that prevent you from working with your spiritual team with ease.
  • Learn an exercise to connect to your teammates.

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"Access Consciousness Bars was truly amazing with Laura! I'm so grateful I’ve learned it with Laura! It was so much FUN!
She went far beyond the textbook. Not only did she do only do specific energy clearings tailored to the group, but she also specific individual ones! Thank you soo much. My mind was so clear after class. I used to suffer from overthinking and repetitive thoughts for so long. Once you experience that clarity of mind, you start noticing how many thoughts and opinions of others get actually stuck in your mind. During the day, you learn FUN tools and techniques to deal with this and create more joy, abundance and love & a more positive empowered mindset!

How can it get even better than this ??? Next: Energetic facelift.!"

Donatella Battistella,


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