World Relations


During this course we dedicate five days to deeply healing and clearing limiting beliefs, trauma, resentments and prejudices that we are holding associated with different nationalities, religions and cultures.

Many people believe they don't have prejudices but the truth is we inherit prejudices from our ancestors, carry them over from other lifetimes and pick them up from our environment.

Many of our prejudices and limiting beliefs are unconscious and just because we are not aware of them does not mean they are not there. Here are some of the ways prejudices, limiting beliefs and traumas connected to cultures, nationalities and religions can limit you:

  • You would like to visit another country for work or pleasure but blocks keep on appearing that prevent it from happening. These blocks are created by your subconscious mind. Let's say your ancestors had a battle from people from a different country so they formed beliefs like people from this specific country are dangerous and you inherit these beliefs from the along with the traumas and emotions such as anger and resentment. Since people from this country are a threat to your subconscious, it tries everything it an to stop you from getting there in an effort to protect you.
  • You have been raised in a certain religion and you have been conditioned to believe that you must marry someone who practices the same religion as you. Later on in life you fall in love with someone who practices a different religion. This is scary for your subconscious. It fears that being with this person is going to cause problems for you. It is afraid you will be judged and ridiculed so in an effort to protect you your subconscious creates arguments with your partner to try to separate you both. Separation in this instance to your subconscious means safety from being judged and ridiculed.

Dates and the time

February 25th to March 1st 2021

1.00pm - 7:00pm daily

When you clear away the limiting beliefs, traumas, feelings and traumas that you and your ancestors had regarding cultures, religions and nationalities it frees you up to:

  • To travel freely for work or pleasure
  • Develop meaningful relationships, professional and personal with people from all nationalities, cultures, and religions.
  • Do business with people from all over.
  • Experience more space in your daily life.
  • Increase your ability to receive abundance from all people from all cultures.


The pre-requisites to take part in this course are Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper. OR Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Intuitive Anatomy.

September 23rd - 27th

1.00pm - 7:00pm London time daily

Early bird Investment is £779. After July 1st, the rate is 810


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