You and Your Inner Child: Healing Destructive Relationship Patterns

Identify your childhood wounds and limiting belief systems and can clear them away so you can have healthier, more fulfilling relationships...

Your inner child is an aspect of you that often resides in your subconscious mind.

She/he carries all of your old hurts, pains, unhealed traumas and limiting belief systems which can create long-lasting wounds that continuously, subconsciously affect your present moment. 



An area of life where your unhealed inner child can have a larger impact is within your relationships. We often bring “old energy” into our present relationships (this can be romantic, friendly and business relationships).

The unmet needs of our childhood stay with us and so we expect our current relationships to fulfil them for us. This can create problems such as arguments, emotional outbursts and dissatisfaction with others.

The truth is, no matter how wonderful your partners, friends, colleagues are — only you can fulfil the needs of your wanting inner child.
In this webinar and live energy clearing, we are going to identify those limiting beliefs and patterns from your inner child and shift them out to create healthier, more fulfilling relationships in your life.


Give your inner child the love, attention and release it deserves on the 16th Feb at 8pm (London)






"Laura shares experiences, capabilities, training and insights that are simply incredible. She is the go-to healer that always goes above and beyond with her clients! After I was trained in formal business practices, I wanted to understand the energetics behind traditional business. If you are looking to widen your perspective and propel yourself into enjoying business from a place of integrity and alignment, I would highly recommend her courses."


Mary Ann Bojor, London

"A massive thank you to the talented, kind and professional Laura! I received money from my brother and father just one day after your webinar on money manifestation and now, I am also receiving money from other unexpected sources. Her teaching is very powerful and highly recommended."


Yonka Gilbert, London


As the digital shift widens, it is more important than ever to unveil our best selves to magnetize the ideal client. This course will provide you with the quantum level tools to release deep-rooted patterns, in turn clearing your energy field to align your vibrational frequencies.

As a result, the opportunities are limitless to embrace your most powerful, open and welcoming self and let your business flourish.


Laura Mason has been working in the field of psychotherapy and emotional healing for twelve years. While originally studying business- depressed and detached from her body- she began exploring alternate ways to find wellbeing and fulfilment in the world around her. This commenced into a lifelong journey of healing that continues to this day. With a degree in Counselling Psychology, a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and a Theta Healing Certificate of Science, Laura has integrated experiences from her own life, as well as taking inspiration from a wealth of different practises. This has enabled her to study in depth a wide range of techniques and create her own distinct methodology and practice as a result. Laura has been happily married for three years with her long-term partner and travel buddy. She’s inspired by humanity and culture, loves to explore, trying new food and finding adventure wherever she goes. Laura believes there is a divine essence within us all and she’s driven to empower clients to clear barriers and beliefs in order to access it. As a result, Laura has healed herself through extreme adversity and seen thousands of people’s lives dramatically change as a result of her teachings.


Degree in Counselling Psychology
Certification in Addiction Studies
Degree in Business Studies
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Theta Healing Certificate of Science
Access Body Process Facilitator
Access Bars Facilitator
Certificate Child Psychology
Certificate in Couples Therapy
Specialises in the Area of Abuse
Diploma in Business Management


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