• Do you doubt your connection to The Creator?
  • Are you afraid to see the future?
  • Do you take all the correct steps to move forward but find yourself in a cycle of self sabotage?
  • Do you struggle to know The difference between your ego and the Creator?

Would you like to change this?


Join Laura for a two day life changing course designed to grow and strengthen your connection to The Creator.

Grow Your Relationship | You & The Creator

During this course you will:

  • Learn how to be able to distinguish between yourself and the energy of the Creator of all that is
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the subconscious mind and how to work with it so it no longer sabotages you.
  • Gain an understanding of what blocks you from having a clear connection with The Creator and change it.
  • Learn how to receive clear messages from The Creator
  • Clear limiting beliefs, feelings and emotions that block the channels of clear communication with Th Creator


The pre-requisites are Basic Theta Healing, Advanced Theta Healing and Dig Deeper .
Please bring a pen and paper, and wear something comfortable.

Taking this course can help:

  • You to develop faith in Creator.
  • To trust your connection to Creator
  • Actualize your desires with ease.
  • Increase your psychic abilities and open up your ability to read the future.
  • Increase your ability to receive ease.

Live your life from a space of being totally connected. 



April  10th & 11th



"The course was excellent. I loved the content of the course. Laura is an excellent instructor. She is calm and brilliant at holding space to release trauma. I released YEARS of trauma in a few minutes."

E' O Connor

Why Work With Laura

Laura loves to work with couples and has extensive knowledge in the area of relationships, she has training in couples therapy, family dynamics, healing trauma, and addiction. She has engaged in 1000’s of case studies in healing relationships and specializes in the area’s of healing relationships between partners, the relationship with yourself and healing trauma in a safe away. She also brings a wealth of her own experience' with relationships when teaching.


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